Animal Portraits

From a good quality photograph, I can produce an image
that will capture the likeness and character of your dog, cat or horse

I have painted professionally for 36 years and take a genuine pride in my work.
The pastels are executed on acid free paper, mounted with a conservation quality mount and presented
in a hand waxed, stained and polished oak frame.

The oils on a board that has been carefully prepared with 5/6 coats of gesso.

All prices include framing but not delivery, which is at cost,
contact John to discuss your commission.

Jack Russell - Pastel

Jack Russell

These are perhaps the most popular of animal portraits.

Size: 10" x 12" - Frame: 20" x 22"


Felty - Pastel


Familiar pose on their own chair with their own cushion etc.

Size: 8.5" x 13" - Frame: 19.5" x 24"


Holderness Foxhound - Large Oil

Holderness Foxhound

This is a large oil. In this case a Holderness Foxhound.

Large Oil
Size: 26" x 34"


Black Labrador - Oil on Board

Black Labrador

Many people like to have their animal portrayed in a natural background.

Size: 22" x 15" - Frame: 36" x 29"


North Cotswold Foxhound - Pastel

North Cotswold Foxhound

This is a pastel of a North Cotswold Foxhound called Bobtail.

Size: 9" x 20" - Frame: 20" x 30"